double-spaced sort

  • Can anyone tell me how to perform a sort in excel when the rows are double-spaced. Once the sort is performed,the double-spacing is removed and the rows are single-spaced. I want to keep the double-spaced format AND sort a range of data

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    It is possible, but unless there is some clever native formula based way around this problem, it's going to require VBA. At the very least the suggestion would be to sort the rows manually and then to use code like this to insert blank rows in every other row in the region:

    Public Sub InsertEveryOtherRow()
      Dim intCount As Long
      Dim i As Integer
      Dim objCell As Range
      intCount = ActiveCell.CurrentRegion.Rows.Count
      For i = 1 To intCount
        ActiveCell.Offset(2 * i - 1, 0).Rows.Insert
    End Sub

    Now, I don't expect this code to work for you right off the bat, but I've got to ask, why do you need a blank row in every other row? Is it for aesthetic purposes or is this a form that will be printed out and will require people to write in the blank rows?

    My honest opinion is that unless the blank rows are necessary, get rid of them.

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