• Please help me!
    Need your urgent assistance.
    My question is:
    1) How do i send diffrent sheet to more than one email address at a time?
    2) how i can send it as attachment like now + html?
    3) how do i give the attachment the same name as the subject?
    4) how can i automaticly save all email that send out in a new sheets?

    Please do your best to help me.

  • Re: sendmail

    The following code prepares the email in outlook and uses sendkeys to send the Ctrl+Enter command to post it. Not the most ideal solution, but will do the job.

  • Re: sendmail

    There's lots of solutions in this Forum already, a search should answer your questions.

    Also, if you read the Ruls you will see that you are asked to stick to one question per Thread

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