member info retrivial from number???

  • im sorry but i tried the search and im not sure how to ask this
    i have a members list of 200+ people. i want to be able to type in the members id number and have excel bring up all info on this member.
    is this posible and if so how?

    thank you so muck in advance :thanx:

  • Re: member info retrivial from number???

    It depends on the layout of your members database, but I suggest you look in Excel Help at VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions. If that doesn't make sense, post back with a bit more detail on the layout of your source data.


    ps added a samll eg to get you going

  • Re: member info retrivial from number???

    want to use this during registration for races.. we have assigned numbers for each number and have them in a database including name address phone class etc...
    when the member signs in for a race we want to type in the number and have excell retrieve the member info and insert it into this weeks active racer list so i can insert weekly results and times.

    i can give you my msn messenger id if you need more info... im not sure if it can be done or if im asking the right questions.

    thanks again

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    Hi Pantheist,

    It's very much possible. Please attach an excel file with the sample data(change the data if it is confidential). Also mention in which format the data relating to the member to be displayed(if you have desinged a separate Form to display data etc.,).

    Also it is very easy. You can try LOOKUP formulas as Richard suggested.


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    Sorry about delay in responding, I've been sleeping etc.

    In the workbook I attached, the formulae can be modified to look at a list in a different book. Once you have one row working OK, it's just a matter of copying it down as far as you need. The $ signs in the formulae make them absolute, so when you copy them down they stay the same. Those refs without $ are relative, and will change as you copy down.

    The easiest way to create the formulae is to start typing =IF( then highlight the cells as needed.

    I'm not sure that I can provide much more advice. As you note, you appear to have limited experience with Excel. Hang in there and tough this one out. In my opinion, VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP are probably two of the most useful features of Excel, so once you get it right, you'll be on your way.


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