Copy cell data to next row on other sheet

  • I need to be able to run a macro (Log_Invoice) each time a new invoice is completed, to record certain cell data on an Invoice Log within the same workbook. Then create a new worksheet (named "new invoice") with all data fields cleared, ready for the next invoice.

    I have recorded the macro in the attached file to get started but do not know how to check the Invoice Log and only copy selected data (cells shaded in yellow) to the next blank line. The Invoice Log will not be cleared and current thinking is to retain soft copies of completed invoices also.

    Thanks in advance for your kind guidance.

    PS - If you clean-up the macro code and have the time, feel free to comment on your improvements for my learning benefit. Thx

  • Re: Copy cell data to next row on other sheet

    Hi Try Attachment

    Use Sheet("Invoice") fill Invoice with All Details And Press Post Invoice
    At The End You Will Get A mseeage Ending Invoice posting

    Check Invoice_log And See If That What you Are Looking For?

    N.B: I think You should Include Unit Price And Quantity In Your Log!!!!
    Good Luck

  • Re: Copy cell data to next row on other sheet


    Thx, this looks workable with a few tweaks. I understand that typically one would want to post all the other details (units, cost, etc) but we have a system that handles the regular, higher volume stuff. This is for one-off or unusual consulting items and a separate file will track special claim invoices, also one-off or unusual incidents that we do not want to set-up in our main system at this time (both are low volume activity). This log is intended to be a summary record, so we only need basic data for tracking. Hard copy records will be kept elsewhere for the detail, if needed.

    Thanks again for your time and assistance.


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