Validation List Reset

  • I have a worksheet in which different fields are using different data validation lists. User will go and make selections for the various fields.

    I want to have a reset macro which will reset the all the different fields to a specific choice in datalists.

    I tried recording a macro. went to each field and selected the choice in list..It doesnot work..

    Any insight will be helpful



  • Re: Validation List Reset

    I don't think you will be able to do this with Data Validation lists - I think you will need to use Comboboxes. These have a Value property that can be set via VBA code

  • Re: Validation List Reset

    Thanks for the insight..I will change the lists to the combo boxes..

    Will I then be able to record the reset macro or I will need to write the code.

    If you can give me an example, where it was done in a file..that will be super

    Thanks again for replying so promptly and keeping this forum alive and kicking...


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