filtering database

  • I have 3 columns, stock code, description, price.

    i want to filter the database, with the following showing the criteria

    stock code = "test" where test is an example

    and also where price is greater than 90.

    so out of a list of 900 records, might only show 2 rows of data.


  • 1. Select the columns you wish to filter and on your toolbar go to Data>AutoFilter
    2. Select the drop down arrow for the Stock column and select "custom" from the list.
    3. Pick the "equals" operator and select your criteria from the right hand list.
    4. Select the drop down arrow for your price list and select custom.
    5. Pick the "greater than" operator from the left hand list and select your criteria in the right hand list.



  • Hi Jay,

    when you say you want to *show* the criteria, do you mean you actually want to show what criteria you're filtering on, apart from the actual results they bring back ?

    the normal filter will show the results, which will contain those criteria, however, it may not be 100% obvious which criteria you are using if there's a few columns

    to show your criteria, you need to use advanced filtering, where the results are brought back as per normal filtering, but you have a range actually referred to as the "criteria" range which you can include onscreen, or in a printout

    either way, I'd recommend looking at the advanced filtering option as the criteria layout, in my opinion, is a nice starting block onto the concept of database functions (functions proceeded with "D", which deal specifically with extracting data more efficiently from a purposfully-designed database)

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