combo box heading

  • Hi,
    I have filled a 2 column combo box using an array. I
    have changed the properties to allow headers. Is there a
    way to fill the column headings with values using VBA
    arsname(0, 0) = "first column heading"
    arsname(0, 1) = "second column heading"

    These elements of the array hold data.


  • Re: combo box heading

    Hi Peter,

    I run into a simular problem which I handled 3 differant ways.

    1. I included the header row in my array so the first items that showed up were the column headers.

    2. I simply put labels above my list box to ID the columns. Those can be made visible or not with code depending what mode the list is in at the time.

    and I think this is what your looking for

    3. do not include the header row in your array yet set your listbox ColumnHeads property to true. This will create column heads using the row directly above the first row.

    Hope this helps.


  • Re: combo box heading

    here is the code...

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