Function reference in worksheet

  • G'day.

    Whenever I use a function in the worksheet from a module in Personal.xls, I've to put the full reference.
    e.g. personal.xls!FunctionName
    Q: Can I call functions w/o referencing "personal.xls"?

    Thx & Regs

  • Re: Function reference in worksheet

    Hi Kaide,

    Are you aware that, one can refer to the UDF's through the Funcion dialogue box(Shift+F3 &gt UDF's).

    To my knowledge one can't refer to the UDF's without the Worbook reference. (unless someone here provides some clue, will be eagerly waiting..)


  • Re: Function reference in worksheet

    You can reference UDF's directly IF there are in the activeworkbook.

    Because your personal.xls is not likely to be the activeworkbook you will need to include the workbook reference.

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