Macro for Viewing select cells

  • I am in process of developing complex model in excel.

    It has 4 tables[Table A, B,C, D] where user has to go in and make different selections. At the moment, it invloves quite a bit of scrolling from one table to next. I have attached the file which has a snapshot of the model showing different tables.

    I ended up writing something which selects the cells and not puts them on screen. Can some one share code for displaying/viewing a range of cells.
    Any insight will be much appreciated



  • Re: Macro for Viewing select cells

    Although someone here will no doubt come up with a clever solution, I find saving custom views (View > Custom Views) is the easiest solution. You can then record a macro that shows a particular view.

    Something like:

    Sub ShowView()
    ' ShowView Macro
        ActiveWorkbook.CustomViews("<insert your viewname here>").Show
    End Sub

    Hope that helps,


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