vlookup - match and associate records

  • Please help correct or appropriately use the vlookup function.
    I have a list of values in columnA that may\maynot be available in columnB, if a value in columnA matches a value in columnB the status residing on columnC should be result of the function which I will associate in columnE toh the same values in columnA. (ColumnE or any other column can be used to house the results of the function)
    I am really sorry if this does not make sense. I have been trying so hard to figure this out, but I can not seem to get anywhere. Please look at the attached file to see if you can help me. I would really appreciate it any assistance with this. Thank you for your time.

    The current function I have is: E2=VLOOKUP(A2,B:B,C:C,FALSE).

  • Re: vlookup - match and associate records

    Hi there,

    Unless I am not fully understanding your post, all you are looking for here is the correct syntax for a vlookup.

    You are nearly there with what you have, but I would change it such that E2=VLOOKUP(A2,$B$2:$C$24,2,FALSE).

    What this does is specifies the table to look cell A2 in as B2:C24, and the $ signs fix that range. If you did not use the $ signs, as you drag the formula down, (into cell A3 for example), the lookup table would change to B3:C25 etc.

    The "2" in the formula specifies that we want to return the value in the 2nd column of our table, ie. Column C in this case.

    The only thing I don't understand is why you mention that E8 should read "Sold", when the value of A8 does not appear in column B.

    Hope this help,


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