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  • I have attached a spread sheet and chart combo that almost achieves what I am after. The dynamic range works and the chart updates fine, but the scale on the axes cannot be set using formula (as far as I can tell) so how do I get the scales to either change according to a value I set on the sheet or auto scale so that if I select a range from say 60 to 100 (using the validation lists at C1 and C2) then the scale is something around 50 to 110 instead of 0 to 110 or whatever auto scale comes up with?

    I have had a look through previous posts but have found nothing to show this apart from setting scales to auto which does not achieve what I am after(I dont think).

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    Which axis are you trying to control? X or Y?

    Also you can get this to work. Try recording the actions taken when you manually set the axis range(s). Then update that number with either a formula or a range with the desired numbers.

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    hi iwrk4dedpr (interesting name there, should try iwrk4dedppl),

    Thankyou for the response, I accidently posted this twice (something the program crashed out on the first attempt but posted later). I have received a solultion to this (in the mirror thread) which works great using a simple macro.


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    So how would iwrk4dedppl work? I'm not sure I'm getting the message. Unless you're a undertaker, gravedigger, or something of that nature.


    Mine statnds for

    IWoRK4DEaDPResidents as I work for the money that I'm paid, and the wonderful US currency has portraits of dead presidents on them. I've had this screen name ( or what ever you want to call it for 12 years and 5 different ISP's ) I'll be pissed if I change in the future and it's all ready taken.

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