conditional formula,relating to two sets of data

  • Hi

    I hope this is possible.(Please see the attachment)

    I need a formula, that does the following.I have created a formula in column C
    that gives me data from column A and column B.I need a formula that does the following.If there is a value in Column C9, put that value in coulmn D9, if C10=0 then put B10 in D10.This must carry on untill there is another value in column C. then the formula must take C13 and put it in D13, if the C14 is zero then put A14 in D14

    Hope this makes sense. The attached spreadsheet should clarify this better
    Thank you for your help

  • Re: conditional formula,relating to two sets of data

    Hi Kevin,

    Try using IF formula.

    something like this:

    In D9 = IF(C9=0,B9,C9).

    This change to suit your requirements. The syntax is simple, If the condition is true then put something else put something.


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