color with which item highlighted changes

  • Hi,
    Sometimes cells which I have highlighted by making the stuff inside it bold and changing it color to red, change their color when I open the file later as in from red they become pink.

    I know it sounds really stupid and its kinda funny, but I'm not joking or anything. If anyone can help I'd be very grateful


  • Re: color with which item highlighted changes

    Well, I was referring to one possibility. If you are using somebodies file are copied the formating from somwhere, there is a possibility that the cells have that formating.

    To check the formating select the cell and press Ctrl + 1
    and for Conditional formating Format - &gt Conditional Formating and check if there are formating conditions attached to it.

    The best thing would be to attach the file so that somebody can offer some suggestion.


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