User defined function won't recalculate

  • I have not created many user-defined functions, so I may be doing something wrong here. But, I have created one which works as required, but it does not re-calculate automatically. If I edit the cell in which it is used, then it recalculates.

    Any ideas? (My options are set for Automatic Calculation BTW)


  • For the last line of your function try adding;

    Application.Calculate OR

    See how that works out.


  • Bruce,

    Many thanks, Application.Calculate did the trick.

    I did think of trying that myself, but I didn't think it would work, because I thought that as the function was not calculating, that mean that its code was not being run, which would mean that any instruction to calculate within its code would not run either...if you see what I mean. (Typical example of thinking too much and not experimenting!)

    Thanks again,


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