Linking multiwork books to one workbook

  • Good day All,
    I have a somewhat tricky - for me of course- task to do. I am not sure even if it's at all possible by excel!!!!

    I have 50 members each has his/her own workbook. Call them book1 to book50

    Then I have 2 separate workbooks lets call them RED and BLUE. I use them as the store for the data of the 50 workbooks.

    What I am trying to do.

    Say agent1 opens his work book and add a record. And say this record is RED,
    The record should be appended to the RED worksheet. If he added a blue record, then that record should go to the BLUE sheet. Verbatim and automatically; no processing of data or anything just same record transferred from agent workbook to the proper RED/BLUE workbook.

    RED work book will have all the red records from all agents
    BLUE work book will have all the blue records from all agents
    An agent’s workbook can have a combination of red and blue.

    All sheets have the exact same look and feel and same data types etc...

    I am trying to get the 50 workbooks be linked automatically to the RED and BLUE workbooks. i don’t want to do that work manually each week.

    Is there a way to that without programming?

    Thank you so very much upfront

  • Re: Linking multiwork books to one workbook

    Hi Madi,

    Well certain things to be made clear. How the records are identified(how to say a record is red/blue). And what do you mean by a record, is the reference to a row or a separate sheet.

    I don't think this is possible without programming.

    Also state what you are trying to achieve by doing this, which helps one to look at alternative ways..


  • Re: Linking multiwork books to one workbook

    Thank you for your interest to help.
    1-A Record is an entire row.
    2- I identify a record as RED if the cell A1 for Row1 is set to "NOT RESOLVED". Cell A2 for Row2 is set to "NOT RESOLVED". And so on.
    3- BLUE if A1 for Row1 is set to RESOVLED and A2 for Row2, A3 for Row3, and so on

    i want to collect all the issues from the 50 sheets, seperating the REDs and the BLues so to speak into 2 seperate workbooks.

    I hope this clarify it better.

    Thanks again

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