Bringing selected values from a Multiselect Listbox

  • I am at design stage of my spreadsheet model.

    I plan to have a Listbox in which user should be able to make multiple selections. Based on user's multiple selection, I want it to return their respective position/values in the list). I plan to use these position/values (in conjunction with Index function) to define criteria for Dsum function, which in turn will be used [on my raw data] to return basic input values for my spreadsheet model.

    My questions are
    -Which List-Box should I use- Form or Control Tool-bar List box? Does one has an advantage over other in terms of manipulation via code.

    -If someone could share the code which can return selection's respective position/values in the list.

    I hope I am clear. I apologize for any confusion. I tried searching for answers but couldnot land on something which answer my question.

    Thanks for your help and any insight will be appreciated.


  • Re: Bringing selected values from a Multiselect Listbox


    Here is the code for what u are trying to do...the result is stored in an array Selectedlistcount

    For i = 0 To ListBox1.ListCount - 1
        If ListBox1.Selected(i) = True Then
            ListBox1.Selected(i) = False
        End If
    Next i

    Hope this helps


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