Inventory Addition on a Form

  • I am using a large database to keep track of inventory increases and decreases. I have three fields that I use to "add", "decrease" and one which totals these two called "quantity on hand" for each RECORD. My problem is that I have to manually add or subtract to each of the first two fields. In orther words if I added 2 items to the inventory last month and used one, of course the on hand is 1, but then this month, I purchase 2 more and have to mentally add it to the two shown in the "add" field by entering the number 4 into this field. What I want to do is simply put another figure 2 in the "add" field and have access calculate the actual total in the "quantity on hand" field, and of course do the same for the "decrease" field. Thanks for any help.

  • Re: Inventory Addition on a Form

    Welcome to Ozgrid! You should try a search on the word "inventory" (on the dark blue drop-down menu bar) and see if the related posts answer your questions. Failing that, posting a small example of your worksheet(s) would be much more efficient for the great team of wizards on this forum to help.

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