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  • I have a question regarding setting up links between spreadsheets within one
    workbook. I am creating a workbook that will hold one years worth of data.
    Each spreadsheet contains one month worth of data. I would like to set up
    links so that the current month automatically transfers to the next month.
    So then, if D25 has an 'x' on the May spreadsheet, that 'x' will carry over
    to the June spreadsheet. I have the spreadsheets set up to do this, but
    cells that are blank seem to automatically carry over a zero to the next
    spreadsheet, which is messing up my other formulas and counts. Is there a
    way to set up a link so that a blank cell will remain blank in the linked
    spreadsheet? This is the link formula I am using for a cell that does not
    contain a formula:

    ='Patient Log-May 05'!D10

    Thanks for all of your help!

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    Hi CSinger,

    Would be better if you make your point more clear. Am not able to make out, when you mean carryover.

    Posting with some example will always help.


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    Sorry--let's see if I can do better. I am trying to create a user friendly spreadsheet that others will be using to report their data.

    Spreadsheet A contains data for the month of May, and spreadsheet B contains data for the month of June, and so on.

    A person will be inputing data into spreadsheet A by placing an 'x' in various cells. I have set up links so that those 'x's will also populate the same cell on spreadsheet B. One example of the cell formulas that I have used to link the cells on spreadsheet A and spreadsheet B is:

    ='Patient Log-May 05'!D10

    The links that I have set up are working fine. However, if a cell within spreadsheet A is blank, meaning there is no 'x' inputed, the same cell in spreadsheet B inputs a '0'. I would like to know if there is a way to set up the link or formula so that if a cell in spreadsheet A is blank, it will remain blank in spreadsheet B. This is a problem because I have some 'count' formulas in other parts of the spreadsheet that are not calculating correctly since the cells being populated with a '0' are giving a false count.

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    Try doing something like this:

    If('Patient Log-May 05'!D10<>"x","",'Patient Log-May 05'!D10)

    If you were to use Count function, use COUNT and not COUNTA, so that these cab be ignored.


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