Cannot Cut & Insert copied rows

  • Hi,
    This has got me foxed ... someone please help!!
    When I try to cut a row and then Insert copied rows somewhere else on same sheet, I get following msg box:

    "To prevent possible loss of data, MS Excel canot shift non-blank rows off the worksheet. Try to delete or clear the cells to the right and below your data. Then select cell A1, and save your workbook to reset teh last cell used. Or, you can move the data to a new location and try again."

    Doesn't work ... worksheet is only 774 rows, and goes up to col AU. I have tried deleting all the rows below and cols to the right - no difference.
    Turning auto-filters off doesn't make any difference either.

    Only workaround I've found is to create a new row by selecting a whole region, cutting and moving one row down, and then pasting the row I want to move in the empty slot, but it't taking me so much longer ... I need to move lots of rows!

    Thanks for any help!!

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