“Click & Add” Macros to disappear on printing

  • Hi All....

    I currently have many forms that have lots of fields. They are filled-in on the computer and by hand.

    They are word documents and i use many "click & add" macros - where there is some advisory writing telling the user what to write. The user can click, and the advisory writing disappears, ready for the user to input information. For instance from the example below the user will see:

    "Enter Date Here"

    they click on the (advisory) words, they disappear and they can then enter the date....

    {MACROBUTTON NoMacro Enter Date Here.}

    Is it possible for these words to disappear upon printing ? the end benefit being that when a user fills it in on a computer they can click and add comments very quickly, but if they are printing the "advisory words" aren’t shown and there is enough space in the fields for the user to write by hand...

    Hope that makes sense.

    Cheers for your help.


  • Re: “Click & Add” Macros to disappear on printing

    Hi Chuck,

    Can you post an example.
    I think it should be possible to go through and remove default text if what you are using if the built in Forms option.


  • Re: “Click & Add” Macros to disappear on printing

    It's not, Andy.

    I also tried doing a replace by find "field" and replace with nothing. Word doesn't see it as a field either.

    To create one:

    Choose All as the category, then MacroButton as the type.
    In the box down the bottom, make it say:

    MACROBUTTON NoMacro Some Text Here

    This puts the field in. You can see the field code by hitting Alt+F9.


  • Re: “Click & Add” Macros to disappear on printing

    Sorry, Andy.

    The macrobutton is used (as you can see if you look) in such things as MS fax templates and such.

    You click on it, type, and it disappears.
    It's a "casual" form field, if you will.

    And, though it IS a field, I cannot delete it the way I normally would.
    It is NOT a form field, but I think you already understand that.

    This guy just wants a way to delete them.
    I've fixed the fields (that aren't really fields??!!) to be like he needs.

  • Re: “Click & Add” Macros to disappear on printing

    I am a lame-o, Andy!!!

    It works just fine.
    I ran the wrong macro.
    See? This is why I try to stay away from coding. LOL!!

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