excel 2000 documents close after a few seconds on the screen

  • I double click on my excel document to open it.Then it opens for a few seconds and then closes.It happens with all my excel woksheets and even trying to create a new file I have done a virus scan. Emptied my temp files ,tried going into the program from Explore and searched the MS web site for answers. Hopefully someone here can help.

  • Use the following instructions at your own risk.

    You must first CLOSE Excel.

    Start-->Run and type:


    Hit your Enter key. As you might browse folders in Windows Explorer, browse to the appropriate path:

    For Excel 97:

    For Excel 2000:

    For Excel XP:

    If you are unable to find this folder, or do not understand how to find it, then you should stop here and get support over the phone or in person.

    Once you have found the path, right click the Excel folder, hit Rename and rename it to OldExcel. Hit Enter, and then exit the Registry Editor; and then relaunch Excel.

  • I did this. it did not help. When I was in the hkey_current_user\software\microsoft\office\9.0\excel
    I renamed it to old excel.Then tried to open an excel document and it asked me for my office 2000 disk.
    I then retraced my step and undid all this. Next I redid it all using the \8.0\ excel
    the result was what I started with. Excel closes after a few seconds.
    I really appreatiate your input. Do you have any suggestions?

  • I would have inserted the disk. There must be something wrong with your install because you normally would not be asked for the disk. All we are doing is forcing Excel to re-register itself into the Windows registry. I think that, if it was a clean install, you would not be being asked for the disk.

    If you have it, I'd do it.

    Likewise, if you can at least get the app to stay open long enough, run detect and repair from Excel's help menu.

  • I ran detect and repair from Excel
    This did not help
    Then. did....
    I renamed it to old excel.Then tried to open an excel document and it said something like" invalid path and file name" then my Excel document poped up and disappeared again. I can open any excel the same way as before and no error message and it dissappears .
    Any other ideas?

  • So you CAN get into Excel.
    Try going to Tools-Options, General tab and remove the checkmark (if there is one) for "Ignore Other Applications".

  • Hi

    I run with Dreamboats suggestions fully – do as she advises in REGISTRY, but do not run or re install.

    Close all applications
    Shut down windows
    Wait 2 minutes
    Re boot
    Wait 1 minute and open excel only no other applications will be open.

    NB make sure that any start load applications Norton Utility’s or Anti Virus applications have scanned and completed prior to running Excel from reboot, all must have finished running and be in idol state, or background running.

    Might suggest closing / shutting down all but not Anti Virus software this I stress in the strongest possible terms do not switch off regardless of reasons.

    Kindest possible regards

    Jack in the UK

  • Hi Inquiringmind,

    In addition to Dreamboats and JIUK suggestions You may also try following:

    Open XL without any Add-ins / Hidden workbooks:

    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft
    Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Automation

    In case it working then You might have problem with some Add-in. Uncheck all add-ins and add them stepwise back again. Don´t forgett to restart XL between these activites.

    You may also try to run XL in save-mode:
    "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Safe

    You may also consider to unregister / register excel.exe in windows-register (i e not equal to re-install just to wipe out old information)

    • Choose Start | Run...
    • Enter excel.exe /unregserver
    • Shut down Windows and start it again
    • Choose Start | Run
    • Enter excel.exe /regserver
    • Startup XL.

    Have You emptied the XLStart-folder? If not, give it a try.

    You may also, in case of corrupted toolbars, rename all files with the extension *.xlb and the start up XL.

    And finally check out following KB-article in the MSKB:
    XL: How to Troubleshoot Startup Problems in Microsoft Excel

  • I have tried all the suggestions that have been posted. I just want to know 2 things.
    1)more about how to empty the XLStart-folder that XL-Dennis mentioned .

    2) In case of corrupted toolbars, rename all files with the extension *.xlb and the start up XL. What is the path I follow to do this?
    Thankyou for all your great suggestions! A friend mentioned this could be from a virus ?Is that possible?

  • I cannot help but think you have missed a step along the way somewhere. It is best to SEARCH for the files you're asked to look for because, quite frankly, you may have more than one and you're changing the wrong one.

    If there is nothing in your XLSTART, and you have no addins, and you followed the troubleshooting instructions, then I cannot help further. We have virtually robbed Excel completely using those steps. Hence, I think someone was overlooked/missed.

    No offense to you of course, Inquiringmind. Perhaps it is more like wishful thinking on my part so I don't have to ponder this question anymore, LOL!!

  • Hi again,

    Since You´re able to open up XL without any specific workbook You may check that the field for the alternative startupfolder is empty.

    Tools | Options | Tab General | Clear the field "At startup open all files in".

    Can You recall if You recently have updated some software or installed new software?

  • I went into Tools | Options | Tab General
    When I get into tab general and move the cursor the program will close.So Ican't do anything in here.

    Morpheus could have been installed since my last use of excel in December but I uninstalled it last week.MSN messenger has been updated.

    I regularly update my antivirus program"Norton"
    I uninstalled office 2000 this afternoon and reinstalled it.
    Any more ideas??

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