oh man do I need help?

  • I am not sure that I even know how to make this message board work. I am new to this so please excuse me if I do a dummy!

    Okay I have a main work book and 3 differend workbooks "under" that one. I want to be able to click in a cell and have that command to mean to take me to a specific page in a different work book. I can get it to go to a different workbook but not specifically the page. I also can get the value of a cell on a page from a different book. I really need to be able to get to the whole page.

    Thanks for any help from anyone. :D

  • An alternative :

    go to the page you want to end up on, take a picture of it via the camera utility then paste this into your main workbook

    when you double click the image, it will hyperlink you to the scource

    to set up the camera, try the following :

    tools.......... scrolldown the options

    click the camera icon and drag it to your toolbar, you should now have a camera sitting on your toolbar

    now highlight your cells in question and click the camera, this will take a snapshot of those cells

    now go to where you want to show them as an image, click and drag to max size

    if you don't like the format (opaque-ness, lines etc etc) right-click the new image and play around with the formats

    NB - may be a disadvantage, may be a bonus : this image is realtime : if your scource cells change, the image will also change, similar to a linked cell

    I know this is the first reply, but I would treat it as a last-gasp solution if you don't get anything better


  • I have been using that method but can not get a formula that allows me to open to the sheet I want. It acts like it will but it will not!


    Do you know the way I would right it? I thought I had it when I got into the note book then was really let down when I could not get the individual pages.

  • Hi Mkalsem

    Sounds like you are trying to use the Hyperlink Formula? Try using going to Insert>Hyperlink as suggested by royUK.

    Just to add to Chris Davisons suggestion, you can also get a 'picture' of your cells by selecting them, hold down the Shift key and going to Edit>Copy Picture

  • I really think I will like the way the picture thing is working. I appriciate your help I didn't even know the camera existed. I think this will be very good for me and my data base.

    Thanks so much for the help!
    M Kalsem:lol:

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