Colouring Part of a Chart Series

  • Hello All

    Apologies for such a detailed question - hopefully save lots of follow-ups!

    I have a chart that shows milk collection volumes throughout the year.
    The data across any region shows a see-saw pattern as day/night milkings differ, and many farms are only collected every second day.

    The purpose of the tool I'm creating for the Transport Manager is to more accurately predict milk volumes for the next few days to optimise tanker allocation to regions.

    He selects the first and last date for display, as well as a prediction for up to 7 days ahead. The prediction is based on a variable number of days 'behind', ie. depending on the shape of the recent volumes. He can also select from 10-30 days data to use for the predictions. They can choose from a linear, quadratic and cubic models which improves predictive accuracy.

    Because of the see-saw nature of the data, I have separated it into 'odd' and 'even' dates, and I plot two separate series. This allows the predictions to be for the separate trends in both higher and lower values.

    So far, all this works fine.

    What I'd like to do is to automatically colour the markers on both lines for just the predictions, ie from 'today' to the end of the series. When a new date is selected, it all updates for them.

    Depending on the selections there can be up to 200 dates/volumes displayed, but typically 30-ish, with up to 10 more as predictions - the last ones in the series.

    How do I select and modify points based either on their X-value, ie date, or based on the point number? Tried lots of variations, but just can't crack this one.

    Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Re: Colouring Part of a Chart Series

    Hi KiwiSteve,

    Can you use an additional data series to just plot the points required?

    Can you post an example (maybe extract the relevant chart and data if the model is confidential)


  • Re: Colouring Part of a Chart Series

    Hi Andy
    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried another series, but it didn't align with the correct dates, ie on the right. It appeared on the left as if it was a short series starting on the first date, not ending on the last. The YValues were correct, but the XValues were not. When that didn't work I altered all the formulae to show the predicted values if date is greater than 'today'. That kept it al in one range.
    I'll keep thinking...

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