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  • I have a sheet with 5 columns: say "name, number, product, amount, and price". I want to filter to find everyone that has a certain product "x". The problem that I am running into with the filter is that I don't want to list everyone's name and number next to every product, but would like them to show up in the filter list. Can you tie certain rows together, or associate each person's name with their list of products, price, etc. I don't know if this can be done, but any help would be appreciated.

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    Do you mean "Can I have the contents of one drop-down / filter list based on the results of another'? If so, then apply the following method (only one of many available):

    "The method is as follows:

    Enter in some column what follows:

    {"USA";"FRANCE"}[ That's, enter USA in a cell, then FRANCE in the next cell down ]

    Select these cells, go to the Name Box on the Formula Bar, and type COUNTRIES followed by enter.

    Enter in a column next to COUNTRIES:

    {"New York";"Pittsburgh";"Los Angeles";"Boston"}

    Name this range of cells USA via the Name Box as described above.

    Enter in a column next to USA:


    Name this range FRANCE.

    Just to see how this works,

    activate A1 in some worksheet in the same workbook;

    activate Data|Validation;

    choose 'List' for 'Allow';

    enter as 'Source' the formula:


    click OK;

    activate another cell in the same worksheet, say, C1;

    activate Data|Validation;

    choose 'List' for 'Allow';

    enter as 'Source' the formula:


    click OK.

    Now you have two lists of which the 2nd depends on the selection from the 1st. "

    ....the quote is from Aladin Akyurek. You should be able to generalise it to other situations.

  • can't find where the formula's for "OBJECTS" or "CORRESPONDINGLIST" are stored.

    I easily find all of the other named references but can't find those two. Can you help?

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