Access reports to Excel without code [SOLVED]

  • If it sounds like a newbie question, it's because it is. So, have some pity please.

    I need to export a report from Access into Excel and I don't know anything about VBA or writting code. Everytime I export the report into Excel, it is in an outline form, which is not easy for me to work with. I would rather it come in as a datasheet view. I have a lot of information that needs to be put into an actual / budget report in Excel and all the information is stored in Access. Any suggestions?

  • I dont understand what you exactly want, if I understand correctly pls try the following:

    Since you are doing everything in manual, (i mean not using vb code) you can re-format your excel sheet, once you completed the exporting from access, select all data in your sheet (Press Ctrl A) then Select Format > Row > AutoFit. This will adjust all your data in a propery way. If not select all data, then Format > Cells>Text Control (under Alignment Tab), remove the on wrap text.

    Next you can take out the outline by selecting Grouping and Outline from Data Menu and then Choose remove outline.

  • Thank you Maqbool for your response. I'm sorry I did not make my question very clear. I tried to reformat the imported data as you suggested, but I still have the same problem. Let me try to restate the question. When exporting a report from Access into Excel. the information is viewed in Excel in outline form. The drawing name will appear in the first column (a), which is Fine. then the drawing number will appear in the next column (B), but the information is in a row below the drawing name (row 2) and not in (row 1). How can I get the information for the same drawing to be listed on the same row? This may be a problem with how the Access report is set up?

  • Yes, I think this problem comes from your Access report setup. The report might have Group Headings or Page Header, Reprot Header et... anything like this. Then u can't do anything with that.

    My suggestion. Try to create a query and from query itself export into excel. Then do the formating, there will not any formatting problems.



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