VBA - create a folder if not already present

  • Goooood mooooorning VBA'ers,

    I'd like my macro to create a folder called "su078 images" on the root C: drive, but only if the folder doesn't already exist there

    (so if the macro is run for the first time on a machine, for example, it will not find the folder and will create it....... subsequent runs will find it and not attempt to create it)

    any ideas ?

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    Hi Chris,

    You could use a UDF to check whether it already exists and, if not, create it. However, it's probably easiest to just try to create it anyway and ignore any error message (generated if it already exists). Like this:
    [vba] On Error Resume Next
    MkDir "C:\su078 images"
    On Error GoTo 0[/vba]HTH

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    This is a bit fuller and canbe re used over and over - in my opinion i dislike 'on error ....' nothing taken from Richies code this would be my apporach - took about 5 minutes to write and hope stops any bugs

    Had to add XXX to teh dir as have a locked WorkStation at work, sure You can edit ok thou - this is in line with Richies ideas of UDF and is quite powerful

    good luck

    jiuk[vba]Private Const theDrive As String = "C"
    Private Const theDriveFormat As String = ":\"
    Private Const theDir As String = "xxx\su078 images"
    Private Const theDirFormat As String = "\"

    Public targetpath As String

    Sub Way1()
    'written by Jack in the UK
    'Excel Xp+

    ' jiuk - test
    'MsgBox testDir
    ' OK - false

    If testDir = True Then
    ' jiuk - do your stuff
    ' suggest
    ' - call other procedure
    Exit Sub

    MkDir targetpath

    End If

    ' jiuk - some code
    Exit Sub

    End Sub

    Function testDir() As Boolean
    'written by Jack in the UK
    'Excel Xp+

    testDir = False

    targetpath = theDrive
    targetpath = targetpath & theDriveFormat
    targetpath = targetpath & theDir
    targetpath = targetpath & theDirFormat

    If Dir(targetpath, vbDirectory) = "" Then testDir = False _
    Else testDir = True

    ' jiuk - somecode
    Exit Function

    End Function[/vba]

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    Hi Jack,

    If you go the UDF route then I'd recommend having the path as an argument for the function. That way, it is more easily re-used when you need it, rather than having to set-up various public variables. Just a thought ;)

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    Hey Richie

    Yeah true just a hardcode wavy to stop input errors i guess - could use input box and build the same way - again millions of ways to do these things, these days i do try when ever possible to avoid blanket on error code lines unless i can not figure a way around it, and do tend to have lots of small procedures linking up, i guess this is now my style.

    I do use a lot of functions these days to test all sorts and call them in many procedures just keeps sections of code out the way and easy to maintain / edit. As You see this is very much teh way / style i work now and find works ok for me, being very much trial and error and self taught / what i see / read and try on OzGrid i guess i have found this is the way to go, i find things simpler this way and Boolean will solve lots of tests over code procedures that try to do teh same and end up with long loops / with / and if statements, little chunks are nice


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    This is function to create the directory working perfactly , here is another vba function to create multiple directories.

    For step by step execution of this article http://www.accessguru.net//Art…0folder%20using%20VBA.php

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