the next empty cell (formula)

  • I need to find the number of row of the next empty cell in a column.

    For example in Column A I have

    1 AA
    2 BB
    3 CC

    I like to create a formula that can take in the column index and return a row number. In this case Column index:A, Answer Row = 4. I did it using VBA, but I can't seem to do it using a formula. The reason for this is that if a user use my spreadsheet and add a row in column A I need to update the next empty cell row number 5 as soon as the user type in anything in Cell A4.

    Any help is greatly appreceiated.


  • Re: the next empty cell (formula)

    Assuming there is nothing else below your data & the data starts in row1


    will return the row number of the first blank cell

  • Re: the next empty cell (formula)


    Your question has nothing to do with this thread, please do not "hijack" a thread. Start your own. A simple search of the Forum will answer your question, which has been covered numerous times and is probably in the Frequently Asked Questions.

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