Bubble Chart Limitations

  • Hi Andy

    I do hope that you can answer this.

    Is there any limitation on the number of bubbles that can be plotted on "Bubble" Chart. I have a collegue of mine who wants to plot X vs Y for 200 customers. He wants to control the size of these bubbles for each Y contribution. Can you kindly guide me in this?

    I think 200 is a large number for Bubble representation. Is there any way we can control the size for these 200 Y's?


  • Hi lambuhere1,

    If the data is to be treated as a single series, then you should be ok for around 32000 items.

    If each customer is a data series then 255, I think, is the magic number. It is also a real pain to get the chart wizard to use the correct columns.

    The bubble chart requires 3 columns of information; obviously X and Y position but also size.

    Once you have the bubbles you can further manipulate them by changing the size relation from area to width.
    To change select data series, right click and format. Use the Option tab to change settings.

    Hope this helps


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