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  • HI!
    i am trying to insert index and tables in my report (prepared in word)containing many points. all the points (discussed as paragraph) has headlines and i want a sumary of that headlines.but when i try to get head lines as summary by using index and tables "No entries found in table" are displayed. i have formated all the head lines with same style which is Normal+Bold. For example\
    1 SYSTEM Flow charts {style is Normal+BOld}
    2 Procedures

    Now i want to make summary that is
    1 SYSTEM Flow charts
    2 Procedures

  • Re: Experts Plz Help

    this is the main problem. i have formated all the document manually, highlighting the head lines and applying font Arail 12 bold. But forget to apply built in heading style. Now when i use autoformat my whole formating collapses. And that s why i even cant use autoformat.Is there anyway to get out of it.
    Thanking you in advance

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    Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

    Suppose all "level 2" headlines are 12-point Bold.

    Hit MORE.
    Hit Format, Font, and choose the formatting. (don't type anything in the box)

    In Replace with box, hit Format, Style, and choose Heading 2.

    Do the same for your other levels, making sure to use Heading 1 and any other levels.

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    ooh it worked. i dont know before that life is so easy. thank you.

    Once again thanking you

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    Hi everybody,

    I am trying to insert either an index or a table of contents in my word file but i am getting these error messages.

    Error! No index entries found.

    Error! No table of contents entries found.

    I have formatted the headings using one of th built-in styles - heading 2. I had underlined the headings, which is not a part of the style and on getting the errors i removed the underline to no avail.

    can anyone make out why ?

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    Dude - you're a genius! Thanks for saving me days and days of work copying about 500 entries from Word into Excel :guitar:

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    sometimes the above mentioned technique doesnt work. Moreover, when i past format having heading style to other text, format doesnt apply e.g:
    Apple (Heading Style 1)

    Bana(No style)

    i copy format from Apple and try to apply to bana but it deosntwork.

    i want to master inserting table of index. how can i do that.


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    I am wondering if anyone would be interested helping me creating an Index within the Template and I am trying to minimize my merge documents from 191 pages to 95/96 pages.
    PLEASE I can call you or you can call me to walk through the steps.
    I would sincerely appreciate your help.
    732-470-5172 Cell

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