specify a range

  • Hi

    Could someone please help me with the syntax of specifying a range throught the use of cells...

    for example, something like this.

    Range(cells(2, 4) & ":" & cells (10, 10)).select

    I want to do this so that I can add intergers to teh Column number and move the range around .

    Tyanks for any help :)


  • Re: specify a range

    Hi Steve,

    Like this:


  • Re: specify a range

    Thanks Ritchie.

    Is there a way of putting that into one line.....

    I have tried

    Worksheets("ROLE").Range(Cells(TableRow, 2), Cells(TableRow + 2, DATENo + 2)).Select

    Worksheets("ROLE").Range(.Cells(TableRow, 2), .Cells(TableRow + 2, DATENo + 2)).Select

    Range(Cells(TableRow, 2), Cells(TableRow + 2, DATENo + 2)).Select

    and lots of other combinations.....hehe :)

    TableRow and DATENo and integers from elsewhere in the code.

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