macro for copying from Excel into Word

  • Hi Dave

    Attached is a spreadsheet containing pictures;I am trying to write a macro to copy into a pre-existing Word document. No luck so far, but I hope someone can help with this, as it is something I have to do all the time. Ideally I would like to place the pictures into a table in Word, one to each box.

  • A few questions that might help...

    You've contained all the pictures in excel in this instance...are the pictures always charts? are they produced by excel?

    Are there always the same number of picutres? Are they always the same size?

    If the pictures are always the same size and of the same number I think you could achieve your aim without a macro.

    You could create a word template that contains links to pictures in a set folder and with set specified names.

    The application that produces the images could save them over the old images (with the same names) when the links are refreshed you've got your document with updated images.

    Does this sort of concept sound like it could work for you?

    Robert Hind
    Perth - Western Australia

  • Thanks for the reply, and you are right, I do need to be more specific.
    I am looking to write a macro that will take any number of Excel pictures (or charts, but if it works for one, I should be able to adapt the macro to the other), and copy them into a pre-existing Word template. The pictures/charts will vary in number and content (but should be of standard size): I have a loop which works within Excel (see Module1, Macro3), where I am struggling is to adapt it to activate the Word template and then paste in the content (see Module1, Macro6).

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