Lookup using dates [SOLVED]

  • Hi!

    I would like to lookup a value from a database like this.
    Date Sum
    2002-04-24 53500

    I want to base this lookup on a date and then lookup the value from one year ago.
    Sofar I have come up with
    Where Fsg is the name of the database and 2 the column index. But it doesnt work dont know why.....

    Anyone got a hint? TIA Mats:flower:

  • Hi Mats,

    According to the help your syntax is wrong. No need for the 2,

    Lifted straight from the help file;


    Syntax for Array form of Lookup


    Tip :eureka:
    In general, it's best to use the HLOOKUP or VLOOKUP function instead of the array form of LOOKUP. This form of LOOKUP is provided for compatibility with other spreadsheet programs.

    So try,



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