Assing macros to Options Buttons?

  • I been trying to figuer this out but I can't. My question is how to assing your macros to the options buttons? The options buttons are from the Forms. See I have a macro that format the sheet also it imports the module from C:\Drive This module are the macros for the options buttons.

    The module name is Inventory.bas Here are the macros that are stored in the module.

    I tried to do a simple macro recored to assign the macros from the imported module to the Options Buttons but it does not work. The link below is the first time I needed help how to do this automatically. He suggested to do the control box instead It works fine But I would have to assign the macros manually! Now how can I do this without doing it manually. Can we do this automatic?

    I have one workbook that the macros are not assign
    and another is assign.

    This code below is how I import my module to the workbook.

  • Re: Assing macros to Options Buttons?


    Do you want to run the macro each time the optionbutton changes or if its clicked

    You can use one of the folowing events



    End Sub


  • Re: Assing macros to Options Buttons?

    I create that negative report daily by running a macro it also places the Forms Options Buttons there in the worksheet. But How to assing the macros to the buttons by using a macro or a code?

    If you have any Ideas can you give details how to do it?

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