Help me out - Getting Details from XLA?

  • Hi pals,
    I am very new to this topic.I have an XLA file. I would like to know that using XLA file , is it possible to get the XLS file or any details of XLS.(May be through some reverse engineering).
    If my question is not clear i will be able to explain in detail further.As i said i am very new to this Excel area and pals pls help me out.
    Thanks in Advance

  • Hi VC^3

    It sound like You want to edit one of the XLAs that are shipped with XL.

    Reverse engineering are only allowed if You have developed the XLA by Yourself or have the legal rights to the XLA.

    The XLA´s that comes with XL are property of MS.

    Kind regards,

  • I am not so sure you can with ease

    If you wish to open a XLA I will happy try to assist you, as long as it legal entry. In addition, I will bluntly request you tell me exactly where this came from and how you obtained it.

    If the programmer intended you to rip / see his work then it would be easily accessible through the Visual Basic Editor, I assume this is not the case. Believe me I am not being difficult but request as above.

    Else: I would suggest contacting the programmer and stating you reasons and case to wanting his source code.

    Theses no secrets in source code as far as I see, just skills to protect, many guys sell such which is only fair. I guess.

    Maybe contact the programmer and ask for a version that allows trial, could be worth the effort invested.

    Kindest possible regards

    Jack in the UK

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