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  • Hi all

    I want a user to be able to check a forms checkbox. Then the result, be it TRUE or FALSE determines if his or her Application.Username appears in a cell on another sheet within the same workbook.

    Something like this (but it doesnt work)

    If CheckBox20.Value = True Then
            Worksheets("Log").Range("B6") = Application.UserName
    ElseIf CheckBox20.Value = False Then
            Worksheets("Log").Range("B6") = " "
    End If

    Thanks for your time

  • Re: Forms CheckBox

    You could do this using a cell link. Set up a cell link through from your check box by right clicking=>Format Control=> then the Control tab.

    then use

    if range("cell_link").value = true then 
        Worksheets("Log").Range("B6") = Application.UserName 
      if range("cell_link").value = false then
        Worksheets("Log").Range("B6") = " " 
    end sub

    I know this may need tidying up to make it more readable but it should work.


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