convert html to csv

  • I have dynamic data displayed within a table in an asp page, and was wondering how to create a link for the data that is displayed in the table to be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet. I am sure this is possible but cannot seem to find how to do it.

  • You can set up a Web Query from The Data menu in Excel. You can also import Data from Database sources. Check the Excel Help to see if this is what you need.

    Post back with more details if you need further help

  • I have a similar question I think. I have a web page that pulls data from a DB. I can create a .csv file from the web page/DB. But I'd like to know how to tell Excel to span columns using the csv file. Desired result is:

    col1_data col2_data col3_data col4_data

    The header line will import properly in Excel, but it gets put in the same column as col1_data, making col1 exceptionally wide. Is there any way to tell a csv file to span columns for certain data? It's almost as if I need tagged data:

    col1_data, etc...

    When I open the .csv in Excel, I do not want to run any macros/VB. The csv should be fully formatted after Excel opens it. Hopefully this makes sense. Is there another file format that I can use?

    - Chris

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