Scrollbar in Userform (for lower resolution)

  • Hi

    I have this userform, which is pretty long. It fits in 1024x768 but dosent in 800x600.

    Is there anyway in which i Can make say a scrollbar appear if the userform does not fit on the screen, so ppl with lower resolution, can just scroll down and hence see the whole form



  • Re: Scrollbar in Userform (for lower resolution)

    I would say that if this is your problem, then your UserForm is poorly designed. Have a look at the MultiPage Control.

  • Re: Scrollbar in Userform (for lower resolution)


    Add this code to a userform which contains 3 labels.

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
        Label1.Top = 10
        Label2.Top = 100
        Label3.Top = 200
        Me.Height = 75
        Me.ScrollBars = fmScrollBarsVertical
        Me.ScrollHeight = 250
    End Sub

    I have to agree with Roy on this one. Sounds like your form could do with a make over :)


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