Linked workbook, with a twist

  • Hi All,

    As usual I am stuck at the point where I think I can do something, I just have no idea how. And help / eg's / prods in directions appreciated.


    I have a worksheet containing data for 9 divisions of my company.

    The workbook, due to the sensitive nature of some of the other sheets, is in a location only I can access.

    What I want to do is create 9 workbooks, each one containing only the data for that division, that will be automatically populated when updates are made to the main file.

    Problem is I want these workbooks to be in a shared location and accessible by all.

    First, is this possible, or will I have to move the workbook?
    Second, what is the best way to go about this kind of thing?

    e.g. attached

    Thanks in advance


  • I think you'll need a push solution, not a pull solution. That is, you would have to regularly create updated sub-files yourself on the public directory. (this can be done via VBA - perhaps triggered by an event or OnTime macro).

    I don't think that public files can have links to files on private directories.
    That would be really scary. :o :o

  • MKNov,

    Suggest the following a s a starting point.

    Create a seperate worksheet within the one workbook for each division (as attached example).

    Then using the right mouse click button create a copy of each division sheet as a new workbook.

    Next link the copied sheets to the Master divisions sheet and store them wherever.

    You then only need to update the Master and the changes will show up in the copied and linked workbooks that are stored where the individuals can access them. (example below)



  • Hi AJW,

    Thanks - looks like this would work, I'm just not sure how to best achieve the seperate sheets to start with - I want them to feed off the database sheet (they must all be together to start with for my analysis purposes). How would you go about it?

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