Zero in blank fields

  • I am trying to put a zero in all numeric fields within a data set. There are both number fields and text fields. Some of the cells have no data in them and I would like to replace those cells with the number "0". Any ideas on how to complete that?

    Here is the way that I thought I should go, but I have no clue on where to go exactly.


    Thank you in advance!

  • Re: Zero in blank fields


    You could also look at a loop using =ISBLANK(your cell)= TRUE then let your cell = 0

    You'd have to support this with the way the cells are formatted too.

    I hope this helps but apologise in advance, I am not sure I've got a full grip on your query.


  • Re: Zero in blank fields

    Try Edit>Goto... and choose blanks.

    Then in the formula bar put a 0 and press CTRL+ENTER.

    Recorded VBA code.

    Selection.FormulaR1C1 = "0"


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