graphic limitation

  • i have a data like this, temp 4,6,5,3,6,5
    and want to creating a graphic for that, and i want to give a special color for major gridline of value 2 and 7, how do it could be done ?

  • This post isn't very clear.

    How exactly is your data arranged? In a row or a column?

    What are you trying to show? /How do you want it to look - sounds like a chart you want but it's not very clear....

  • If you are trying to say set an Upper warning limit at 7 and a lower warning limit at 2, why not add these as separate "series", maybe called Upper Limit (value as constant 7) & Lower limit (value as constant 2) & then plot these along with the actuals - you can then format the other 2 series to whichever colour suits you.


  • He Will,
    i agree with your idea about creating upper and lower series, but it mean that we have to entering the value. What about using VB ?

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