evil code... go away

  • hola amigos.

    i got this delicate problem in a worksheet in excel 2000.
    when i open it i get this message stating that the worksheet is connected to another file. probably all good and all, but i never put this into it. so how do i remove it? :rambo:
    i notice its on the edit menu 2nd option from the bottom, but theres no choise to remove it, just edit it which only leaves the option of replaceing it with another.

    any helpfull info is much appriciated :thanx:

  • Re: evil code... go away

    Quote from Neiluk66

    You should be able to select the "break Link" option in the Links menu you are accessing. This should do it.

    That option is not avail for Xl2000


    You will need to fins the formula that references the other book or possibly a macro link assigned to a button ??

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