• Can any one help me sorting out this problem.
    I made some changes in my VBA code (EXCEL-VBA) in my project as per the Specifications. After doing my changes i compared my code with the original one (The code before the changes were made) by opening my .bas file in a Text editor.

    Compare result showed that the original code has the following code in each procedure

    Attribute Procedurename.VB_ProcData.VB_Invoke_Func = "\n14"

    What is the reason..??

    How ever if i open the module using VBA i dont find that code...

    Can any one help me??

    Am i clear???

  • Re: Regd:VB_procData.VB_Invoke_func


    It's related to the assigned shortcut key. In this example the subroutine X is assigned to the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+Q

    Attribute X.VB_Description = "Shortcut test"
    Attribute X.VB_ProcData.VB_Invoke_Func = "Q\n14"
  • Re: Regd:VB_procData.VB_Invoke_func

    Quote from gowrishankarms

    Thanks for your reply..

    Can u please tell me settings that is needed so that my code too has

    Thanks in advance

    Not sure I understand ??
    Your code DOES have this in, it's just that it will not show it in the VBA Editor.
    It is picked up by the compiler and really only used for Shortcut key assignment and discription.

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