Selecting every other Cell

  • Hey guys,
    Ive looked in search for anything that would help me, to no avail. What I need to do is select every other cell in a single row.

    so basically the result would be Cell Q3, Q5, Q7, Q9 etc.. would be selected.
    My Range would be Q3:CT3 with the first cell highlighted at Q3

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • Re: Selecting every other Cell

    The Spreadsheet is set up for 40 different stores, and each store is 2 columns, one column for $ and second colum for Units. What I want to do is select all the stores and have them listed in one column, but do not want to have a store listed twice. It looks like this:

    Store1 Store1 Store2 Store2 Store3 Store3

    Elsewhere I am going to set the stores to be:

    Hope this makes sense

  • Re: Selecting every other Cell

    this code will start from the activecell and create a unique store list on a new worksheet called "Temp"
    I would attach it to a command button on your worksheet if you were going to use it often. Make sure that you have the starting cell selected, "Q3" in your example.

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