radio buttons/counting

  • I built a phone estimator and want to track the amount of times I give estimates during a month.

    I want to use a radio button to count the number of times used.
    Then at the end of the month give a report of how many times an estimate was given and how many were sold.

  • Hi Tracy

    Welcome to the OzGrid Excel Forum.

    Depending on just how many Option Buttons you think you will need I would opt for another method that uses the Worksheet Selection Event, e.g

    Have a Cell Ticked Upon Selection

    This code must be placed in the Private Module of the Worksheet. To get there right click on the sheet name tab and select "View Code".

    This code is an alternative to Checkboxes and can save a lot of space and is much easier to count the ticks! Just use the COUNTIF Function. This code works on only range A1:A10, but can be modified to suit. It could also be used in the Before Double Click event.

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