Sum when filtered

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    Thanks neil for the response.

    I will give the SUBTOTAL function try, I will also do a search on subtotal. Thanks for the tip, it will be very helpful.


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    Very handy SUBTOTAL formula - thanks for that.

    Curious if something similar can be done with one of the COUNT functions? We use filters excessively in a simple XL scheduling worksheet and frequently need to count the rows that are filtered by product, line, date etc. We currently go into Tools/Options/Calculation tab and select "Manual". This counts the # of rows filtered and displays the quantity in the bottom left corner. However, we have to switch it back to auto calculation for other formulae to work the way we want it to on the fly.

    The # of rows varies from 20 to over 200 in a typical weekly schedule and all have a standard header. It would be handy to have the count (per filtered rows) displayed in one of the header rows. Thx.

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    Here, again, you would use SUBTOTAL...

    For COUNT...


    For COUNTA...


    Hope this helps!

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