Program expiry date + passwords

  • Hi all

    I have build a model in excel that includes alot of Sheets, Charts and VBA procedures. The user interface works through forms. I have protected this model by making all the sheets VERYHIDDEN and putting a password on access to the macros.

    Question1: Is there any additional passwords I can use to protect this program?

    Question2: Is it possible to block the program a certain period after it was first opened. Example, it should only be valid for one month.


  • Re: Program expiry date + passwords

    Answer to 1
    Your project is probabaly as secure as Excel will allow.
    Answer to 2
    There are lots of ways, some examples on the Board - use Search. They usually include a an expiry date hidden in the workbook and a macro to compare the actual date against the current date. Not completely foolproof though.

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