XL2000 cannot open files on network drive via Windows2000

  • On trying to open a file in XL2000 from a mapped network drive the following error message appears:

    "Microsoft Excel cannot open or save any more documents because there is not enough available memory or disk space."

    Neither memory or disk space are a real problem.

    Other Office programs (Word etc.) will open files from the network drive without a problem.

    The current workround is to transfer files to/from the hard drive before opening or saving.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


  • Sounds very strange to me. The only thing I can think is that the PC is reporting wrongly because of temp files. Follow the directions at http://www.theofficeexperts.com/cleanyourpc.htm and then ask the network guys to delete any temp files that may reside on that network drive/folder.

    PS: A common mistake that people make is to view the available space on, for instance, a shared drive and assume that all of that space belongs to them. Often, or always, I'm not sure...you only get a portion of that location, and not the entire amount it reports. You may want to check into that. Ask how much of that shared location is yours, and then tally up the total space YOU'RE using.

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