loading values from xcel to a web page

  • Hi all,

    I have a loader that can load from excel to oracle general ledger, which I did through help from you guys/gals.

    WHat Im trying to do now is load values and tab between each field on a particular web page that is internal to my company.

    The reason is i dont fancy writing out a 150 change requests which include so much information I will die of boredom. So im basically trying to create a loader.

    I have attached the code for my oracle loader below.. if it helps (hope i Posted it right, long time since I did this:)

  • Re: loading values from xcel to a web page

    I know perfectly this macro that you have not did. This macro has been been written by the guys mentionned below. Even the comments are the same then the macro they have written as Oracle employees.

    Created By Date Ver Description
    Martin Birch-Oracle 16-JUN-97 1.0 Initial create
    Martin Birch-Oracle 30-JUN-97 2.0 Updated to include extra nav paths and enhanced performance
    Luther Armstrong 18-NOV-97 2.2 Updated to include single spacebar
    Luther Armstrong 20-NOV-97 2.3 Updated to include Save command
    Luther Armstrong 11-JUN-98 2.4
    Jonathan Stuart 17-AUG-98 3.0 Rewritten to work with NCA. Oracle UK
    - Key sending mechanism changed.
    - Key mapping changed.
    - Extra commands added.

    Acknowledgment of contributions from :
    Jeff Glanvill, Oracle Australia
    Wayne Mandic, Oracle U.K.
    Martin Roth, Denmark
    Henrik Wilkon, Oracle Denmark

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