outlook2003 email 5 second wait

  • Everything worked great until I upgraded my version of excel. now there is a security feature that prevents me from sending the email. I have looked with no success, if someone could fix the code for me that would be great.

    I figure if it can wait five seconds then press TAB TAB ENTER it might work.

    any other ideas would be great too



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    I am sure the security feature gives you the opportunity to send the email or not. It is exactly that - a security feature and cannot be overwritten.

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    That is a terribly defeatist attitude. Anyway I know it is problematical giving advice on how to bypass security features even when they are unbelievably irritating. I guess I will now have to go and workout how to do the same thing using outlook instead of excel, assuming outlook will let a macro send an email?

    Since you cant/ wont help with the original question could you advise if there is a good starting point for using outlook to produce a roster, or maybe calling excel values (the program I have made the roster in, which was working nicely until uncle Gates decided I couldnt do it anymore) and using them in outlook?

    Ah hell, I give up

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    By the way, it seems like a bit of a rediculous reply... security features are there to prevent trojans etc... not limit the utility of the program to legitimate users.

    There must be a way to have excel send an email via outlook when without having to wait 5 seconds and press yes... surely?

    Maybe if your "hope that helps" message royUK wasnt there someone would have told me.

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    It is a policy of the Forum, agreed by all the Admin not to help bypass Security & break passwords. As you yourself said, the security measure has been put in place by MS to prevent the spread of viruses. Your wish to bypass this might be innocent, but how do we know that is really the case, or that someone may use any code provided for a less innocent purpose.I also do not like the tone of your replies! Please read the rules you agreed to particularly about respecting other members.Thanks. If you don't agree with these rules then DON'T USE THE FORUM

    I am locking this post

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