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    I have been looking at your post for some time now and I am very indrigue with what you are trying to do. I have down loaded your file and it looks very good, but first of all I don't have the TPX_Index file so I just made one just to get rid of the #DIV/0 error. How are you getting the data into the TPX_Indes file.

    I now have #DIV/0 errors in column "C" on the chart sheet. Is this a formula that get data for Sheet 1 or what.

    I should would like to get this to work, I would like to be able to track another ticker.

    Is there some way that you can give me some additional information on how the information in Column "C" is arrived.

    Very good job sevan17 and all others that help put this together.


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    What are you wanting to do. In looking at sevan's project it appears that it is only track major market indices.

    Are you looking for something for tacking individual stocks?

    I've been playing with web queries in excel and well it works quite well.

    Though if you're a daytrader it won't work. I'll see if you've allow e-mails and I'll send you a zip file as it's just a bit too large for the OzGrid sizes.

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    Hi iwrk4dedpr

    Yes, I am looking for something to track individual stocks, just something to play with. I think I have just updated my profile, to allow emails, not sure if it was setup to send before, just wanted to make sure.

    Thanks for the reply.


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    iwrk4dedpr is correct, I am only tracking indicies and there is a reason why. What the entire spreadsheet is trying to do is to replicate an indicator called the TRIN ratio. You can read about it here:…rketindicators1.html#TRIN

    You will not be able to use this indicator for single stocks because the calculations are based on baskets of stocks so you will either need an index, or an ETF or something simillar. In addition, the spreadsheet will only work if you have access to bloomberg feeds.

    There are many statistical indicators out there, which people refer to as technical indicators and if you check out, they have somethign called a chartschool where they have descriptions of each indicator and how it is calculated, so you can play around with those. The easy way would be to just pay for it and get it from them (20$/month).

    I actually tracked the market for about 2 hours using this sheet, and it worked perfectly fine. I will need to observe it for 1 or 2 more days to be able to tell what certain levels mean.

    Again, I have to thank iwrk4dedpr for all his supprt in constructing the sheet.

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    Thanks sevan17 and iwrk4dedpr for your response to my question. I must say this post has really made me think about ways data can be collected and used. I am always looking for better ways to collect data from the floor of the production shop.

    Again thanks for this post and the questions you have provided.


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